Saturday, December 17, 2011

There's something wrong

There's something wrong when 85 men are undergoing a sexual abuse scandal in Brooklyn's Orthodox community, but "24 have walked free. They got probation, pleaded to minor charges, or saw their cases dismissed — often because victims or their parents backed out under community pressure. Agudath Israel of America, a prominent body of Torah sages, requires anyone alleging sex abuse by a fellow observant Jew to first report to its rabbis, who decide whether the case should go to secular authorities."

But yet, men trying to understand their sexuality in college suddenly can't control themselves and a pornography filter needs to be instituted for these university students. I wonder how many of the 85 above had filters growing up? Probably all. (editors note: I realize this is a harsh generalization and overall inappropriate statement, but my point is how can you expect people to know what to do with their sexuality or appropriate outlets when you censor them from anything remotely erotic?)

There's something wrong when one minor literary piece about heterosexual sex in a private university publication gets national media attention.

There's something wrong when all this is going on, and a Rabbi trying to perform a civil union in Orthodox tradition sparks THREE different groups of Rabbi's to feel the need to sign "letters", "statements", and "petitions".

There's something wrong.


  1. There certainly is something wrong Ely. I couldn't agree more.

    Out of the statements you mention, I think the RCA's statement though was more of a reaction to the insensitivity of the other "Orthodox" statement and was done with much more class and care.

  2. With all due respect to your opinions and outrage, I think its both presumptuous and wrong to imply a connection between sex abuse and pornography (or lack there of). Sex abuse is a heinous crime that has no excuse or explanation, and by implying a connection you imply an excuse (albeit a small one). And as a side note, believe me filters do nothing for those wishing to ignore them. So yes, it a horrendous reality that these men walk free, but their actions have little to do with their sexual exposure throughout their life, and everything to do with their own vile choices. Sex abuse unfortunately happens in every community, religious and non-religious, and implying their sheltered nature has anything to do with their horrible actions diminishes their accountability as perpetrators.

    PS- Just so you know, I don't mean to personally attack you- I think your blog is great and I enjoy reading it. I just think this time you could have chosen your words a little more carefully.

  3. Anon 11:08-
    thank you. You are absolutely correct, and I knew when typing the statement it was wrong, but I had to get it out there. I added a note in the posting, explaining my thought process and where it came from but you are completely correct.

  4. Lol. Thanks for sharing this post. Check out a gay version of the "Shit Girls Say" video.

  5. Wow. A seque between Orthodox men being arrested for sex abuse and YU putting filters for pornography.

    Is it any surprise people don't comment on your blog the way they used to?

    I'm still trying to figure out how you expect people to take you seriously when you can make such an outrageous causation. From the way you wrote it, it sounds like you're implying that because these Orthodox men grew up with filters on their computers and couldn't start jerking off to porn when they were 13, they were then destined to molest kids as an outlet.

    I guess Sandusky was really frum.

  6. wow.-

    The use of sarcasm, along with personally attacking the author of the blog with remarks like yours, doesn't help you make your point at all. For a better, and more respectful, way of phrasing your thoughts, please see Anon 11:08's comment above. If you read the editor's note, you'll see that Ely acknowledged Anon 11:08's comment and responded.

  7. Ely,
    You are absolutely correct! who ever decided that there is such a thing as morality must have been such an idiot...
    censoring erotic websites is abnormal and disgusting...
    how can we be a 'light unto the nations' if we restrict ourselves from things which are "totally normal" ???

  8. Ely,
    What are your thoughts on the RCA's statement?


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