Monday, January 4, 2010


-Anonymous commentator article

-Panel Event, attended by 800 (full transcript)

-Response of the Roshei Yeshiva was a short letter plastered all over campus insensitively, signed by 6 rebbeim, the content was just rude, and it was unauthorized to be put up.
The Torah requires that we relate with sensitivity to a discreet individual who feels that he/she has a homosexual orientation, but abstains from any and all homosexual activity. Such sensitivity, however, cannot be allowed to erode the Torah’s unequivocal condemnation of homosexual activity. The Torah’s mitzvos and judgments are eternally true and binding. Homosexual activity constitutes an abomination. As such, publicizing or seeking legitimization even for the homosexual orientation one feels runs contrary to Torah. In any forum or on any occasion when appropriate sympathy for such discreet individuals is being discussed, these basic truths regarding homosexual feelings and activity must be emphatically re-affirmed.

-Response of Pres Richard Joel and Menahel R' Reiss
Message from the President and Menahel of REITS

In light of recent events, we want to reiterate the absolute prohibition of homosexual relationships according to Jewish law. Of course, as was indicated in a message issued by our Roshei Yeshiva, those struggling with this issue require due sensitivity, although such sensitivity cannot be allowed to erode the Torah's unequivocal condemnation of such activity. Sadly, as we have discovered, public gatherings addressing these issues, even when well intentioned, could send the wrong message and obscure the Torah's requirements of Halachik behavior and due modesty. Yeshiva has an obligation to ensure that its activities and events promote the primacy and sacredness of Torah in our lives and communities. We are committed to providing halachik guidance and sensitivity with respect to all challenges confronted by individuals within our broader community, including homosexual inclinations, in a discreet, dignified and appropriate fashion.

Pres Richard M. Joel
Menahel Rabbi Yonah Reiss

-Roshei Yeshiva (R' Twersky) still feels the need to respond:

-Mordechai Levovitz responds to R' Twersky:

-An intense debate on Mordechai's response:

R' Billet-
Avi Kopsitck's response-

-This is the Orthodox world. I am trying my hardest to make it work, and appreciate the support and courage of all those involved with me in the fight. So thank you all!
All I want is for teenagers/adults to stop hiding, to stop feeling guilty for who they are, and be happy.


  1. Mr. Kopstick's presentation at the event came across nicely. Men and women of good will would judge him to be honest and sincere. If he and Josh had been the only presenters, maybe the backlash would have been less. Josh was hurt that he wasn't chosen as a witness at a wedding, discrimination. (Ovre arayot aren't pasul l'edut). He made his points well.

    But, what exactly do you expect Rav Twersky to do? He's playing to the gallery and for a chassidishe rebbe looks pretty intense, frum.

  2. Since when do roshei yeshiva need permission to put up a message that they feel needs to be put out there? Who should they be asking permission from?

    [Note: this is not intended to spark debate over the content/timing of the letter; I'm just questioning your ability to accuse the roshei yeshiva of posting a letter without permission.]

  3. FrumGay knows how to get things done and how things generally work on campus. The Roshei Yeshiva are the wild cards every President of Y.U. contends with. Emanuel Rackman, son of a Rosh Yeshiva, a sensationalist, smart, couldn't satisfy them. He symbolized the challenges of modernity and our Imams are conservative with a small c.

  4. RIETS is a yeshvia. The Roshei Yeshiva need PERMISSION to express their opinion? On which planet?

  5. Exactly. So what that FG knows how to get things done - that doesn't mean he can state the roshei yeshiva did something without authority.

  6. The Roshei Yeshiva did not give permission for their signs to be put up everywhere- except for maybe one of them who wanted it.
    The students put the signs up- and every sign that goes up in this Yeshiva is approved by administration. The Roshei Yeshiva do have the right to pt up signs- but they didn't didn't do this, students did.

  7. So you're telling me that the roshei yeshiva signed a letter clearly making a pblic announcement in order for the be filed away somewhere? Please, they clearly intended for it to be posted.

  8. Just like you claim I can't say that they didnt want it posted, you cant say they did. You dont know their intentions.
    And the administration agrees with me that the Rebbeim prob did not intend for it to be posted everywhere.

  9. You need to have a conversation with Rav Schachter if you want the Roshei Yeshiva to take you, "a human face" seriously. His signature was first, in large letters. Have you spoken to him? Be prepared to apologize for not having asked "Rebbe" reshut. Or, not. If not, don't be surprised if they walk all over you.

  10. It's the nature of large institutions to close in upon themselves for self protection. They care more about public perception than total candor.

    You've been very open and brave. People should be kinder.


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