Thursday, October 8, 2009

The reason

aaaand now for the heavy stuff. The real reason I'm writing this blog is to hopefully help people understand the situation of life. Not for pity or sympathy or love or support. Just understanding. I am a Frum Jew. I have alway been a Frum Jew. And With Hashem's help, I will continue to be a Frum Jew.
The challenge Hashem gave me is that I am not attracted to women, I am attracted to men. Unfortunately, the Torah tells us not to be with men. Do I think anyone can lead a completely celibate life? No. But one can try. I have never and will never say "it's okay to be Gay accordoing to Orthodox Judaism." It is not. And this is why I struggle every day.
I do not regret coming out. I am still happy with the decision to let the world know of the struggle of homosexuality and Judaism. However, it is still a struggle. And it is not okay to go against the Torah, no matter what our hearts desire.
There's plenty more to come.


  1. i just wanna let you know how much i respect you, and that i look forward to reading everything you have to say. we all have our struggles - thank you for helping us grow through exposing us to your's.

    hope you're well,

  2. I went to elementary school with you and somebody recently told me that you were out. I wish I had your courage. Just so you know, you are way up there in my book. My girlfriend and I wish the best for you. I will be reading and commenting.

  3. I have to agree with Tzvi. I think you're amazing Moose... And you know I'm here for you for whatever you want.

  4. I'm extremely impressed. It's an issue my friends and I have discussed on numerous occassions, and while we all agreed that yours is the correct path, we also all agreed we could not conceive of trying to take it ourselves. The fact that you've found the strength to try at all gives *me* hope for the future. So just imagine what you're doing for others in your position.

  5. I must ask, you know starting this blog that you will get a lot, a lot a lot of "encouragement" and krum books and things pushing you to being physiacally involved. You are educated yes and must feel competent to battle MANY a theological point, and article, a book several of each i've already seen in the comments of your few points. I can't help but wonder are you looking to be persuded?

  6. i'm not trying to be "critical" and not "constructive" as you said on differnet post, i'm a rather dirict girl and i'm asking constructive questions in a direct way. I've also had questions but no person in your position to ask before, so now you volunteered to be "it".


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