Thursday, October 8, 2009

TV Viewing

For my first blog, I'd rather not get to the nitty-gritty of things. Just wanted to discuss what's been going on with me and TV these days. TV used to be an escape, something I could use to run away from all my other thoughts and things for a half hour or an hour. UNtil it became a social outlet. Networking, facebooking, tweeting, and discussing TV with random ppl I didn't know on random websites. Not only did it become way too intense, it became ridiculous. I was watching shows JUST so I could talk to other ppl about them, not because I enjoyed them. Also, shows that I did enjoy were no longer good because I would watch them as a critic- this camera angle, that acting technique, instead just as an escape it would stress me out if I missed a show or that I had so much to watch- completely backfiring on everything I watch TV for. So now I'm giving up a few- Heroes, The Hills, and Smallville is low on the totem poll. Although that still leaves like 15 shows, I'm definitely rethinking the way I enjoy TV. that's all for the next few minutes at leas.t I'm excited to write more- I have a lot to say.


  1. 15 shows?!?!? thats crazy!!!!

  2. Yeah, I'm a straight gentile, but I think I can understand your situation well enough to advise you that (good) classic rock, (good) rap, classical (time has weeded out the crap), or (any) made-by-people-you-know music combined with a beenbag chair and a blunt might get you through the first few steps of your journey a little quicker.

    Give it a whirl.


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