Saturday, October 17, 2009

Stress Management

So yea, the Succot holidays were relaxing. and awesome. I rlly paid no attention to school which was fine. Then last week, I knew i had a pretty stressful week ahead of me, which I was prepared for. What i wasnt prepared for were my two hardest classes announcing/refreshing students memories that there are two HUGE midterms this week. I am freaking out all week last week. and I am literally doing ANYTHING to avoid studying- except TV watching b/c that would be admitting that i'm procrastinating. i wont admit to it.
but here i am admitting it. literally i let these thoughts of too much work race though my head, and how i'll never get through these tests or pass college. then i also let the drama take over- this friend is struggling, i need to hang out with that grp of friends, and aaah. Im trying to take it one day at a time. thats what they say to do. right?
ps- im really realy srry to all those friends im letting down by not hanging out/ going out for birthdays and the like. I just cant admit to procrastination. id rather sit in my apt and blog, then actually be somewhere where work wouldn't be feasible.


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  2. well i was going to say that nobody knows procrastination better than me but i guess we might be tied. I am very behind in my school work and it has come to bite me in the ass time and time again. so i somehow learned to control most of my TV urges [thanks to downloads etc that i can watch months down the road] however i still cannot seem to overcome my urges to stay online and indulge in my "secret" life. I can get very bad at times - i mean reallllly bad. But i think it is finally time to buckle down and your struggle has given me a further boost in the right direction...


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